Thursday, August 14, 2003

A Florida millionaire has apparently just been discovered to have led a "double life" for nearly 30 years, maintaining two simultaneous homes, marriages and families 20 miles apart in the Tampa area. The oddest part: the man's two lives were apparently remarkably similar, each with a lavish suburban home, an active society wife, children--and, of course, many "business-related" absences.

From the look of things, I'd say this fellow's just a bit unclear on the whole "double life" concept. Aldrich Ames led a double life. Clark Kent would be described as leading a double life. But what's the point of leading a double life, if both lives are going to be pretty much identical? Heck, maybe I can claim to lead a double life--it's just that my two identities happen to have the same name, live in the same modest apartment, lead the same quiet life, and hold down the same job.

Moreover, unlike this slipshod operator in Tampa, nobody will ever discover my carefully-concealed second life.

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