Wednesday, July 16, 2003

A bizarre new recreation in Las Vegas is provoking widespread outrage. An outfit called "Hunting for Bambi" apparently charges participants up to $10,000 to attempt to shoot a naked woman with a paintball gun as she tries to elude him in the desert near the city. Naturally, women's groups are up in arms. One psychologist suggested that some of the "hunters" may have trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality, and go on to perpetrate further violence against women.

I strongly suspect, however, that what's at work here is not so much misogyny as arrested development. Let's face it--a significant fraction of males of a certain age (perhaps a majority), if confronted with a naked female in the wilderness, would think nothing more fun than attempting to shoot her with a paintball gun.

Then puberty hits, and that attitude changes completely--for most boys, at least.

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