Sunday, June 01, 2003

Apparently this blog's stock has skyrocketed. A Website called "BlogShares" allows users to "invest" in various blogs, buying and selling "shares" in a kind of financial rotisserie league for blogging fans. ICBW's valuation is up by a factor of more than 10 in the last couple of months.

(Now that I think about it, the stock market is itself a kind of financial rotisserie league for investors, particularly when non-dividend-bearing stocks are involved. The only differences are that (1) most rotisserie leagues don't involve real money, and (2) the rotisserie league participants I know are much, much more attentive to baseball statistics than are most of the equity investors I know towards the fundamentals of the corporations they invest in.)

Of course I'm flattered that several blog speculators have decided to pour some of their imaginary savings into my humble enterprise. I can't help suspecting, though, that I'm really just a penny stock being subjected to a "pump and dump" maneuver by some virtual scam artists. I wonder if Blogshares operates an SEC equivalent....

Anyway, I'm sure it's all in good fun--until, that is, the board decides I'm not helping the bottom line enough, and has me replaced with some high-school kid.

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