Monday, May 12, 2003

Out of frustration at my blog's fairly mediocre hit counts, I've begun thinking of ways to boost my readership. Unfortunately, I haven't the stamina to adopt the most popular tactic--adopting a set of opinions that large numbers of people agree with, and finding different ways to articulate that same set of opinions, over and over again, every day.

As a substitute, I've decided to create one such posting, and encourage everyone simply to return to it whenever they feel like having their prejudices confirmed. Here goes....

Why we're obviously right, and they're utterly wrong

My favorite blog has an incredible story about the current hot topic that'll just have you shaking your head at the latest stupid, evil thing they've done. Of course, if the situation were the one we always compare this one with, they'd be taking the exact opposite position. But we can hardly expect consistency from them, after all....

It's just like in my favorite pop-culture analogy (or, for my more literate readers, my favorite historical analogy). Again and again, they just keep making the same mistake the bad guys made in my analogy. You'd think that by now, they'd have learned, but I guess they're just too stupidly evil.

If they were merely a lunatic fringe, they could be dismissed as irrelevant. The problem is that they're firmly in the mainstream, with enormous power over society's institutions, and the ability to persuade a lot of gullible people that they're not as stupid and evil as we know them to be. Eventually, I'm sure, people will recognize just how cynical and wrong they are, but I'm very worried about the damage they can do to this country in the meantime.


There it is. Send links to all your friends!

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