Sunday, April 06, 2003

Judith Weiss of Kesher Talk, contributing to the Command Post, directs our attention to an astonishing "slideshow" collection of photographs in the New York Times, depicting the capture of Baghdad's airport by US troops. Viewing it drives home just how massively the digital technology revolution has changed our view of the world:

  • Before digital imaging and satellite transmission, it would have been impossible for such vivid pictures to have passed so quickly from the photographer's camera to the New York Times.

  • Before the World Wide Web, it would likely have taken several days for them to reach my home in any form, even had I been a Times subscriber--and given that I'm not, I would never have known to look for them.

  • Before modern digital image editiing software, it would never have occurred to me, on seeing these photos, to cock a skeptical eyebrow and mutter to myself, "Photoshop?"
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