Sunday, December 22, 2002

Andrew Sullivan has collected nearly $80,000 via his blog with his "pledge week", Glenn "Instapundit" Reynolds an undisclosed (but presumably somewhat lesser) sum with his "tip jar". Such fundraising has actually become quite common among bloggers. At least one, though, has questioned the seemliness of articulate, employable (and usually lucratively employed) amateur diarists engaging in what amounts to electronic panhandling.

Here at ICBW, of course, we have no need for any such shenanigans, being in possession of a multi-million-dollar trust fund donated by a recently-deposed African strongman, who happened to share our strong views on the evils of judicial overreaching. Unfortunately, the money is currently locked up in an escrow account in Lagos, Nigeria; readers interested in assisting us in transferring it to a more accessible locale (in return for a hefty percentage of the proceeds) are encouraged to email us for further instructions. (Or you can just drop us an email to let us know you enjoy reading the blog, or to tell us to knock it off with that annoying royal "we".)

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