Sunday, August 18, 2002

Steven Levy's Newsweek article on blogging tells the depressing story of 18-year-old Zack, "an insecure kid who clowned around in high school and felt that no one really liked him." So he started a blog, and now he has "28 readers a day".

Why is this story depressing, you ask? Well, I haven't been getting anywhere near 28 hits a day--even when you include the occasional random Google search for strings like (just to give a few examples from my hit counter's referrer log) "marijuana infrared scanning", "mossad interrogation", or "paternal filicide".

Regular ICBW readers (I know you're out there--both of you!) are encouraged to let me know by email whether they think I should follow Zack's lead, cut down on the public affairs commentary, and use this blog more to "express [my] feelings and share [my] songs, poems and artwork". Hey, the kid must be doing something right....

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