Monday, April 15, 2002

A student theatrical production at Kennesaw State University in Georgia in which two actors briefly appear in the nude has apparently sparked a petition of complaint signed by 500 students. The petitioners are objecting to the breach of community standards of propriety; supporters of the production argue for artistic freedom. But nobody seems to be speaking out on behalf of the real victims in this story: the poor, humiliated actors who must face the fact that 500 of their fellow students, upon being granted the opportunity to gaze upon their naked forms, responded with a formal, written request that they please put their clothes back on. (If a millihelen is the unit of beauty sufficient to launch a single ship, perhaps two millikennesaws is the quantity of hideousness that prompts exactly one Georgia student to petition for you to at least wear a towel or something, for heaven's sake.) As someone who could probably inspire a "March on Washington"-scale protest just by threatening to remove my shirt in public, I can only sympathize with their plight.

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